Lead Generation is a crucial process for B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to consumer) companies.

Answering what lead Generation is is not enough. It goes beyond that. Lead Generation is valuable, and Steves SEO will show you how to generate leads for your clients.

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What is a Lead

A lead is any person or business interested in your brand, product, or service. How can a person or business show interest? They can complete a contact form on your website, download a free E-Book, follow a social media account, etc.


Most times, your company will hear from a lead before that lead hears from you. A business can initiate communication like an email, an outbound lead, or a better quality lead is an inbound one( when they come to you) like completing a contact form. Inbound leads e leads that will more likely convert into a sale. These leads are more genuine.

Remember they are showing interest in you.
There are four types of leads:

1.Marketing qualified lead (MQL)
These MQLs come from your marketing effort, like a downloadable E-Book. These leads are in just the beginning phase of your sales funnel. They are not ready to be closed by your salespeople.

2. Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)
These types of leads are warmer leads. They connected online, requesting a quote or submitting a contact form. An SQL lead shows more interest than an MQL lead. They want to speak to a salesperson.

3. Product Qualified Lead (PQL)
PQL information has a much higher chance of converting to a sale, especially after trying your product or service. They show more interest in your product or service by signing up for a free trial. This type of lead is even lower in the sales funnel process.

4. Qualified Service Lead (SQL)
Service leads are already using your product or service. They come back to upgrade or change their plan or service.

Lead Generation in Digital Marketing

Lead Generation is the process of converting people into clients but uses various online channels and strategies. Here are some examples like social media and running paid ads on Google or Facebook. A lead generation campaign can also include free product offers and the launch of an email campaign.

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