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We have found that SEO is the most cost-effective way of driving traffic to your E-Commerce website. With increased traffic comes increased revenue.
Work with Steve’s SEO E-Commerce solution to unlock your business’s potential. SEO, website development or design, content writing, and more. We do it for you.
We will supply you with a customized solution specifically tailored to your E-Commerce store. We accomplish this with the goals you set.
Our SEO services will rank your website higher in the search results with your target audience’s keywords.
Contact us today to start growing your E-Commerce business the right way. Get the relevant website traffic you need to increase your sales. Let’s grow your business together with Steve’s SEO. The longer you wait, the less you will earn.

Our E-Commerce Service Includes

1. Online project management

2. Custom e-commerce SEO strategy

3. Product SEO description

4. Research and optimization for keywords

5. Product image optimization

6. Content writing for blogs or articles

7. Google Analytics set up

8. Google Search Console setup

9. Monthly reporting for keywords, traffic,
and conversions

10. Custom reporting available

A Closer Look at our SEO Services

When digital marketing is used for your e-commerce site, you want to be sure that you are directing the most relevant website traffic or the correct type of customer to your site. Having the right content and the proper keywords will ensure that you will get the right audience.

It is crucial to use the correct search terms that match the keywords on your website. That is how your customers will find you. We found that more than 50% of users find a new company or product after performing a search.

The challenging part is to figure out which search terms to add to your site and how to make sure that there is enough room for all of the keywords you want to add.

1. Keyword Recognition

The first step to website optimization is to recognize and identify the search terms and keywords you want to use in your content.
How are the right keywords found? Most marketing agencies use keyword research tools. You could ask your customers how they would describe your products or work with you to see if the proper search terms you already know are successful. Our work is to find out the search terms which will make your business the most successful by ranking high on the Search Engine Result Pages.

2. Keyword Execution

Our next move is to implement these high-value search terms into your website content. The execution step is crucial to an e-commerce strategy. If we didn’t put these high-value keywords into your website, it would be challenging for search engines and especially users to find you. One could do their own copywriting to implement the keywords, or we can do it for you at Steve’s SEO. There is an option of including content writing as part of your e-commerce package.

3. Product Page Optimization

The pages on your website need to be optimized so your business can be found on the search engines.

For e-commerce stores optimizing product pages is the most important thing.
Remember your potential customers are doing precise searches to find your products. Ensure that your product pages have a high ranking in the SERP. We ensure that each page has a title and a couple of paragraphs of keyword-rich content that describes the item. We also found it to be a good idea to include the model number so your product will show up on that type of search.

Product images are also vital, and these should be included on your product pages. Pictures are added value to your customers. It provides a perspective of your product, from its size and color. For search engines, the images provide insight into the context of the product you are selling. Most importantly, since web crawlers cannot read pictures, they do need to have alt text and a proper image description.’

That is why our SEO experts optimize your images for SEO.

Choose us as your E-Commerce SEO experts.

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