Conquer Holiday Traffic

Unfortunately, many businesses do not have a plan to conquer holiday traffic. Many businesses do what they did the year before. That is fine if they were satisfied with the results. This article is speaking to the various businesses out there without a Q4 play. A plan is needed to reach your sales goals for the holiday season. Now is the time to implement that play, so you will be on target.  conquer holiday trafficIt is like the long jump in the Olympics. The jumper takes a running start and then jumps the distance. Now is the time for that running start and in 3 months you will leap to the goals that were set.


Pre Plan Groundwork

Before producing any strategy there is research. One needs to get as much data as possible as to where the business stands at that moment. So, let us say we are talking about a retail store. Now this store has a website. This business must produce a number for store traffic and website traffic for the last year’s Q4. For this example, let us say the store traffic was good but the sales were a bit low. As far as the website traffic is concerned it was very low. Since the store traffic was good, then the only thing that needs to be changed is the types of products that were sold. That is just a matter of knowing what your customers want. On the other hand, we need to ask about getting proper data for the website. The first thing that needs to be done is a Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) audit, just click on the Try it Now buttons on the top of the page. The information contained in this audit will tell you exactly the issues the website is facing. There is a lot more data that could be gotten with other Digital Marketing tools but for this article, we will just use the SEO audit. website traffic | Steves SEO

This is very basic stuff but with this data, you can start to form a strategy for the fourth quarter.

Fourth Quarter Strategy

We received various SEO reports. The research shows that currently, the E-Commerce site is only getting one thousand users a month. It also shows that the site is not ranking well for major keywords. There are other variables to look at, but we will not get into that right now. These two factors are the main culprits for low sales. It is telling us that not enough people are seeing the website. The site is not visible enough on the internet.

So, we need more traffic and higher visibility. The ranking factor has to do with how the on & Off Page SEO is doing. The audit will show what needs to be corrected. Once that is done the site rank will pick up.

What about the website traffic? There are ways to get traffic. One way is paid traffic and the other is SEO or nonpaid traffic. The paid traffic will get results extremely fast, but it will cost you. The non-paid or SEO will bear the cost you pay an SEO expert to do it for you. One the best ways is to organize a Backlink campaign. A campaign like that will create a network of web sites that will have links to your E Commerce site. This will bring a constant flow of traffic that you so desperately need and the more links you add the more traffic you get. Just one thing, please make sure that you make the network from qualified sites. If you do not then there is a risk that Google may penalize your listing and cause a major loss in your ranking with google.

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