User Experience – User Engagement is Important to rank Your Website With Google


How many of you have heard the term UX?

If the answer is yes, then that’s great. If you have never heard the term, then it means User Experience. In other words, how was the user’s interaction with your website? The best way to gauge user experience is on time spent on each page. So, if a user goes on to a page on your site, then immediately leave that page. What does that tell you? It tells you that the user did not like that page because no time was spent on it. What if they spent 5 minutes on that page? That means they liked the page, and it was engaging to them. Further in this article, we will examine how UX affects your marketing efforts.

user-experience | website
user-experience | website
user-experience | Webdesign

As you know, Google had an update for Core Web Vitals. Your web vitals are website loading speed, Ease of use, and Security.

Briefly, loading speed is how fast your website loads. Most users will leave it if it takes longer than 2 seconds for the website to load. When this happens, Google knows that users don’t like your site, and neither will Google, and you will receive a lower ranking. Next is Ease of Use. Google will rate your site on how well users engage with your site or what their user experience was. Are viewers on your website for 5 minutes or 30 seconds? Google knows you have a user-friendly and engaging place if viewers are on your site for 5 minutes. That will score you points with Google and earn you a higher ranking on Google search. Lastly is Security, how secure your site is. Can your website be hacked? Is it safe to process credit cards? Google verifies that your site is protected by seeing that your website address starts with HTTPS, not HTTP. A secure site will also earn you a higher ranking in Google searches.

Most important is your need to receive data on the factors mentioned above. One is the Google Search Console, and the other is Google Analytics. With these tools, you can determine what improvements need to be made to your website to hit Google’s benchmarks.

It is imperative to check these benchmarks on your mobile site. Responsiveness is vital. How does your website appear on a mobile device? Is your website easy to read? Does it look attractive on a mobile device? These aspects are crucial for Google to give your business a good ranking. To see if your website can pass Google’s benchmarks, just click UX. Website design is key to allowing your visitor a good user experience, and Google will do the rest,


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