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The SEO Web design Connection

Most business owners have very little experience when it comes to website optimization. Let alone having knowledge of website design & Search Engine Optimization.

We must understand how web design relates to Search Engine Optimization. When you look at a website, you see content and images set up in a calculated way. This is known as website design. Is it set up to work efficiently with Google?

To have a properly optimized website one needs to be able to connect the web design to the SEO. The web design is the Front End. That is the part everyone sees. The optimization part of the website is the Back End. The workings of the Back End determine how Google will interact with your site on the Front End. Let me explain in further detail. Website pages have Headers, Titles & images. What makes them get found on the internet? This is where Search Engine Optimization applies. In the Back End of any website you will see Title Tags, like h1,h2 & h3… These relate to the Title or Header shown in the Front End. If done properly we are telling Google how the actual page is set up with these Headers & Titles and it makes it that much easier for Google to index that page. The same holds true with images. Alt Tags are utilized for images in the Back End which tells Google what these images are. Then Google can crawl & index them. Again being done properly will allow Google to like your website and give it a favorable ranking. There are additional factors mentioned below.

Now, how can you determine if you have a good connection between your site design and SEO?

The only way to know for sure is to see how much web traffic your website is getting. You can go to your Google analytics account or to the Google Search Console to find out. There is a simpler way, you can do this by seeing what results you are getting. Most websites have contact forms, phone number & an contact email address.

So how many completed forms did you receive in the past 3 months?

How many phone calls or Emails did you receive from your website?

The answers to these questions will show how you if you have a good connection or not. If you are satisfied with the results, then read no further. SEO & Web design | Digital Marketing | Valley Cottage, NY

You spent a lot of money on your website and it’s not even working for you the way you expected it to. In most cases it doesn’t take much to fix the connection. We found that these sites are not correctly optimized. Although There was some basic SEO that was done. It did not give you the results you expected. So, all is not lost. You’ll be surprised how little needs to be done to put your website back on track.

I will show you more what I am talking about.

What does Google like in a website:

  • Load Speed: How fast does your website load? One of the main factors that governs this, is the ratio of HTML code to text. This determines how quickly Google can crawl your site to properly load and index it. Why is speed so important? You can see from your own surfing experience. The sites that load quickly you check out but what about the sites that don’t? These are the sites that you leave. We want your website to be one the sites that are viewed.
  • Keyword Ratio: How many keywords per 500 words of content do you have on your site? These are terms users type into their computers to find what they are looking for. The proper ratio makes your business more visible. Too much and it’s Spam.
  • Tags: Do you have the proper Tags in your website? Are they the proper length and description? Are your images tagged properly? All this helps Google crawl & Index your site better. As I mentioned earlier above.
  • Is your website engaging: Your website needs to draw people in. Your site needs to be interesting. Your website needs to offer value. Remember the average person spends 7 seconds on a website. That is how long you have to keep him from going off your site.
  • Is your website Mobile friendly: Do you know that most of your web traffic comes from Smart Phones? People are looking at your site on their cell phones. Take out your cell phone and see how your website looks. How quickly does it load? Would you want to interact with your current website? Can you navigate your website with just one hand?

You must be completely honest with yourself. It’s ok to need assistance to increase your web traffic. Not everybody has the time or expertise needed to accomplish this. So reach out.

What I shared with you in this article is just a taste of what Search Engine Optimization & web design can do for you if done properly. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars when you can easily spend hundreds. Get comfortable with the Digital Marketing company you are working with. Build up a trust for one another and then see where it goes. Good Luck.

The rest is up to you. Click here to learn more.

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