Competitive Analysis Part 5: Executing and Implementing Your Strategies

SEO Competitive Analysis

In the previous articles on SEO Competitive Analysis, we emphasized the importance of business information and how to obtain it. Information about your top competitors, your own business, and how the two relate together.

We talked about competitive analysis as a method of understanding how the business world operates, how your business is faring in the market and where it can still go. From there, we touched on formulating strategies for your business goals, including a few tips on coming up with a good strategy.

Execution & Implementation   SEO | Execution Implementation

For the final step in competitive analysis, it is almost time for us to go back out there. Time to execute and implement the strategies that we have formulated.

Now you might think that in this final step, Execution and Implementation, there is no need for thinking and planning. Just act. Not exactly. Every business, no matter how big or small, needs a sound way of implementing its formulated strategy. Even the most carefully thought plans can fail if the implementation is wrong.

Preparation is something you should always do before implementing strategies. Implementation requires resource-spending probably, especially if the strategy is something you have never tried before. Do you have enough resources to carry out the implementation? If you don’t have enough, can it still be carried out? What are the drawbacks then if implemented now?


You should also anticipate how your top competitors will react. After all, the strategy you came up with was based on information obtained from them. Top competitors would immediately recognize a strategy/model that resembles what they have, so be ready in advance how they will react.


Finally, it would be great if you have a back-up plan, should things go wrong. No plan is perfect, a wise man always prepares for the unexpected. Competitive Analysis, no matter how painstakingly and meticulously done, cannot foresee everything. Therefore, you should be ready with another option just in case.








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