Not Ranking on Google? An SEO Website Audit May Be Just What You Need

Ranking With Google = Online Visibility

Ranking with Google equals Search Engine equals online visibility, particularly with Google, is quite vital for any website. Without being visible on Google, a website would not survive. With the constant change happening around the Web almost every minute, the visibility and prominence of any website or its ability to come up during web searches changes constantly. You must be on top of this on a daily basis. A website’s rankings can can go up or down within a day due to Google algorithms updates, penalties and the competition. Any or all of this factors can contribute to a change in rank. Once a change happens you need to be in the right position to deal with it.

Change can come with newer websites put up to more up-to-date online content. One method by which websites can improve their visibility with Google is through an SEO site audit.

What is an SEO site audit?  SEO | Digital Marketing Valley Cottage, NY

Simply put, an SEO site audit measures and evaluates how search-engine-friendly your website is. You see, in its bid to continuously produce accurate search results, Google continuously makes updates with its search algorithms. Some of these updates now include penalties for spam links or a high volume of online ads versus actual website content.

Most of these policies by the search engine giant are geared against websites who simply flood the internet with search keywords while not actually possessing actual, relevant information. However, even if your website does not count among these inept websites, there is still a chance you can still be tagged by Google as such. But with the help of an SEO audit, you will be able to avoid it.

Why do an SEO site audit?

With an SEO site audit, you can single out sections in your website that needs to be updated or improved.  For example the ratio between the website code versus content. There must be the right amount of each for your website to interact properly with Google.

In an SEO site audit, your website will be described in full detail how it performs when it comes to web searches, social media as well as internal/external links. It will show you the sources of internet traffic which you could utilize to make your website get more visits.

An SEO Site Audit also enumerates the possible issues and problems on your website on web visibility, with explanations for each issue or problem.

By performing an SEO site audit regularly, you can ensure your website will always be current with the latest web developments.

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