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$765 / Month

  • NUp to 50 key phrases optimized
  • NUp tp to 10 pages optimized
  • NTechnical analysis for website
  • Nkeyword research & selection
  • NUpdate title tags and meta description
  • NXML sitemap creation & submission
  • NCompetitor rankings, content, and
  • NLink Monitoring.


$1765 / Month

  • NDedicated SEO Consultant
  • NUp to 75 key phrases optimized
  • NUp tp to 15 pages optimized
  • NTechnical analysis for website
  • NKeyword research & selection
  • NUpdate title tags and meta description
  • NXML sitemap creation & submission


$2765 / Month

  • NDedicated Digital Marketing Consultant
  • NUp to 100 key phrases optimized
  • NUp tp to 25 pages optimized
  • NTechnical analysis for website
  • Nkeyword research & selection
  • Nkeyword mapping for target pages
  • NUpdate title tags and meta description
  • NRobot text optimization
  • NXML sitemap creation & submission


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Link Building For Relevant
Traffic Generation

Link Building is an example of one of our SEO strategies that work. In this method, you must make use of other authoritative websites to bring relevant traffic back to your website. For example, by taking credible sources for your research articles, you can increase the possibility of attracting traffic.

We stand at the pinnacle of SEO service provisions. If you are looking for a top digital marketing firm in New York City, then you will find us in the top results. Our services extend to other dominions of the digital marketing spectrum. We bring you feasible options and flexible payment modules. Furthermore, we value you as our client to build a long-lasting relationship of mutual benefits. Significant factors distinguish us from other digital marketing agencies in New York.

Expect Revenue Growth
To Be At Least 40% In The
First 6 Months

Relevant Website Traffic For
Your Target Audience, Means
Higher Conversions.

We Give You Total Transparency Of The SEO Work Being Done. Your Feedback Is Important To Us.

Experience Is Everything

We know through our experiences with our clientele that not all SEO & Digital Marketing companies are the same. In fact there are many that call themselves SEO experts and unfortunately you have not benefited from their work but they benefited by receiving your hard earned money. Even though the costs were low what benefits did your company receive. It is like that in every industry. Digital Marketing will not commit you to a long term contract. The initial contract is for 6 months and then it renews monthly after that. Giving you the option to end it painlessly at any time. We offer this because we know that you will be satisfied with our results and your increased revenue.

Answers To Your Questions

Is Search Engine Optimization affordable?

Affordability is a common question most businesses ask when looking to partner with a trusted SEO agency. The answer is yes. SEO is affordable. Again, cheap SEO does exist and can help your business grow in many ways. View our SEO Services.
If you want to invest in affordable SEO and learn more about building a realistic budget for your SEO strategy, just click this: Book an Appointment to book a 15-minute appointment with one of our SEO experts. Or you can read on.
For any business, spending too heavily on SEO can hurt your business. Money can always be added to your SEO budget, but it cannot be taken back once it is finished. Spending too much now means you may not have enough capital for later when your campaign matures.

That is why it is so important to invest in affordable SEO if you do not want to manage your SEO in-house.

With SEO Comes Patience

Most businesses new to SEO often misunderstand how SEO works. No matter how much you invest in optimizing your website, the SEO results take time to bear fruit. That is why it is better to start with a low budget than no budget at all. You must ensure you can budget for at least six months of work.

Some SEO companies require a much lower monthly budget, like, even $100 per month. If you go that route, expect to see very little or no return on your investment. If you only have a tiny budget, then it will be best to manage your SEO in-house and not waste your money. So, start small with just a few words and content. Once you can show results, you can go to your backers and request a budget so you can partner with an affordable SEO agency.

What is the cost of professional SEO?

Professional SEO costs can vary from $750 per month to $2,000. It all depends upon the scope of the work. A monthly fee is charged because SEO is an ongoing process. You are looking at least a 3-month cycle between the Google updates and indexing. So, it is unrealistic to expect to see significant results in a month or even three months. You will see results of increased web traffic and revenue in 6 months. If you hire a professional SEO freelancer, expect to pay anywhere from $80 – $200 per hour.

If you want to save money, your business can always do its SEO in-house, but that requires a lot of time and expertise, and if you do not do it correctly, you can hurt your business. That is the last thing you want to do, so be careful. SEO is not like running a Google ad campaign where you see results immediately; the cost is much more than hiring an SEO expert.

Should I Choose an SEO Agency That Guarantees Their Work?

Through our experience, we found that choosing the right SEO agency for your business is a difficult decision. The various options offered, the cost, and the reasons they provide to use them can be daunting.

Some SEO companies offer you a guarantee of having a number 1 placement on Google for given keywords in a given time frame or your money back. Many of these agencies deliver on these promises, and that is because the keywords they are using are accessible to rank number 1. They are usually keywords with a low monthly search volume. Some unethical companies would use your zip code as a keyword for Local SEO, which will show up as number 1 in the Search Engine Results Pages.

Steve’s SEO guarantees that we use ethical SEO tactics, monthly results reporting, and no paid backlinks, only earned backlinks.

Even Google warns about doing business with SEO companies that offer guarantees.
Check out this video from Google: Tips for hiring an SEO specialist | Search for Beginners Ep 9

Can the Wrong SEO Tactics Hurt my Business?

The answer to this question is YES.

At first, the guarantee of 1st placement seems like a low-risk idea. You think that if the SEO agency cannot deliver on its promise, you can just move to another SEO company. Now, you must consider that maybe that SEO agency caused you damage by using a black hat (Unethical tactics), and Google penalized you for that.

The new SEO company now has to convince Google to take away their penalties and give you the rank you deserve. Convincing Google is time-consuming and costly. This is something to avoid. Better not to get involved with these types of SEO agencies.