Which Digital Marketing Agency Should You Trust?

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Today there are literally thousands of Digital marketing agencies. Most offer the same services. So, the question remains. How do I choose? Everyone goes through a purchasing process. A series of events which occur that enables you to make a buying decision. As with any other purchase the events are the same.

Sales Process

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The sales process for closing a contract with a Digital Marketing Agency is broken down to 4 components, Service, Quote, Sale and Research. Each will be explained in greater detail below.


A search is done on Google for an Internet company that offers SEO services. After hours of research you decide to contact one. Why that company over another? They have a beautiful website, so they get noticed. Another fact is, that they showed up on the first page. This shows that the SEO for that site was done correctly. So, by finding them you will also get found when this Digital marketing agency does SEO for your company. By seeing that the SEO they did for themselves was successful. It stands to reason that when this company does Search Engine Optimization for your company, you will also be found.


The Digital Marketing company is now ready to generate a quote for their services. This part is very important. A good Internet marketing company will do an audit on the website and go over the results with you on a shared screen. Going over the audit in this manner shows a great amount of credibility. You are seeing this Digital marketing agency in live action. They are showing you exactly where your website stands. It’s like buying a TV set. The sales rep shows you many options, until the process is narrowed to one or items. The interaction that is created allows you to evaluate the sales rep. Here too with the Internet marketing company. The interaction they have with you allows you to size them up. Part of this sizing up is, the type of contract they offer. Do not sign a contract that is longer than 6 months. Six months is a more than enough time to see if the marketing strategies that was proposed. If they did then you will continue to use them. After 6 months the contract should convert to a monthly contract. If not, make sure there is a cancellation clause. If what they presented to you makes sense, then proceed to the close.


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The site audit was done. You are very impressed by how knowledgeable they are. A quote is generated with all the services they are providing. Make sure you understand everything that is being offered. It needs to be clear. Even if it means going over the work order point by point. This is key, how you were handled. The consultant was a professional. The consultant knew exactly what he or she was talking about.


Before making any payment do a search on Google with the search terms fraud or scam with the company name. Check the results very carefully. If you see something that is not to your liking, ask the company about it or not. If their answer satisfies you then make the payment.   


In conclusion, by following the guidelines in this article it will give a clear understanding of the Digital marketing agency you want to do business with. Every step described is designed to build trust. 

Good luck.

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