Advertising Online for Small Businesses

Every small business owner wants to increase their revenues with online advertising. It’s a known fact that paid online advertising is the quickest way to generate sales revenue. In this article we will go over different strategies to advertise for this holiday season.

Advertising Budget

The first thing we need to go over is a realistic budget for a digital marketing campaign. Many businesses are concerned of how much to spend on a monthly basis. Ideally if a small business could budget $1500 per month that would be great. If that budget is not realistic then you can start with a minimum budget of $500 per month. In either situation, a test campaign must be done. This is when we start with $10 per day budget. In this case the campaign is monitored daily. It allows us to see exactly what is going on. Once we see that we are getting the results we want, then the budget is increased, and we watch the sales roll in. What if we aren’t getting the results we want? Simple we need to start tweaking our ads. Whether it is changing the ad copy or the campaign settings. This is especially true with any Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign.

A Good Strategy

Let’s go over a real live example. We have a business that has a budget of $500 a month. This business has an active E Commerce site. In this case how do we leverage the budget to get the maximum sales. The cost of each click varies depending on which keywords are being used. The more popular the keyword the more costly the click. So, a company with a large budget can go after the higher paying keywords while a smaller company will need to go after the lower paying ones. For example, the larger business can go after keywords that are $5 per click. Which means that for a $1,000 per month they will receive 200 clicks. Whereas a company with a $500 per month budget will only get 100 clicks. So, for the smaller business to receive the same 200 clicks as the larger one, it will have to target keywords with a cost of $.50. Obviously, the cheaper keywords will get a lot less traffic. How do we compensate for that? What if there was a way to use the higher traffic keywords and get the same number of clicks as the larger company was getting. The world is a big marketplace. Which means you don’t have to advertise exclusively in the United States where it’s more expensive. There are many countries where a business can purchase the same high traffic keyword for much less money. Now the smaller company can get the same amounts of clicks as the larger one. The smaller business just leveraged their $500 to get the same results as the business spending $1,000 per month. Now, what will happen if the company with $1,000 per month uses this strategy. They could end up receiving at least 400 clicks for the same search term used in the United States. This will give the small business owner an idea of how to maximize their advertising dollars.  

Native Ads

Native Ad

We explained earlier how a PPC campaign can bring in revenue or leads much quicker than doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are different types of online campaigns that can be done for this Christmas season.

I’m sure that everybody is familiar with a blog post. For those of you who aren’t familiar. A blog post is an article that is posted on a website which gives informative information related to the website. Just imagine a product that combines PPC with a blog post. That product is called Native Advertising. This is a well written editorial with highlighted keywords that a are linked to a landing page. The advantage of this type of campaign over a regular Pay Per Click is that with a Native Ad we are engaging the user. He or she are reading an actual article about your product with various images or videos. They are drawn into it and before they know it, they are clicking on a link for a sale or just leaving information to have a qualified lead.

Another advantage is that these articles are placed in various high traffic websites related to your audience interests. So, the chances of the users reading it is very high. Most importantly this is a soft sale. The sale is so soft, that you must put in writing that your editorial is an online advertisement.  So, there is no chance that the user is being misled.

Once the editorial is written, then it needs to be placed with a company that offers the proper network for this product or service. Thereby maximizing the online advertising budget for the most clicks.

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