Content Audit

Content Audit

Most site owners think that all they have to do is write content, publish it, and that’s it. A lot goes into creating the appropriate content. You first need to conduct an online search to see which type of content will work for your business.

That is why conducting a content audit for your website is imperative. The audit will tell you what type of content is working for you and which is not working for you. Once you know that, you can set out and improve the content that is not working. All you need to do is delete the content that is not working and replace it with the content that will work better.

By doing so, your SEO performance will improve. This web traffic increase with the audience you want to have as clients. This means higher conversion rates and increased revenue. This will make it all worth the time and effort you put into developing the appropriate content for your website.

Content Audit
Content Audit

Which Tools Should You Be Using for a Content Audit?

First and foremost, you should be using Google Analytics. Google Analytics monitors your website 24/7. Follow the instructions laid out in Google Analytics to set it up properly. By doing so, you will insert a tracking code for each page you want to receive data from. Analytics will tell you how many views your pages got, how long the viewer remained on the page, and track in which order the pages were viewed. The data will let you know if your website is working as intended. If not, you will know which content needs to be updated.

Make a Plan for Content Updating

Once you have all your data on the website content, you need to grade each page either 1 – 10 or A – F, with one or A being the best and ten or F being the worst. From there, you could develop a content strategy to improve the content. Before making any improvements take a long hard look at your competitor’s range. Then you see why their keywords are ranking higher than yours. You will see how your competitors use the same keyword in their content. So, it makes sense that if you can match what they are doing or even do it better, the type of effect, it will have on your website ranking.

The next step is to implement your content strategy and monitor it to see how it is performing.

Content auditing is a constant process. You are constantly making improvements. You just cannot do it one time and leave it alone.

Content Updating